The Petri Boys and a note on Apostolic Succession

By April 19, 2016Uncategorized

Celebrated on the Lutheran calendar today are the brothers Olavus and Laurentius Petri who led the Reformation in Sweden.  After attending the University of Wittenberg, where Luther taught, they returned to Sweden and spread the Evangelical message.   They also worked on a Swedish translation of the Bible and the worship services.  They purposely spread Luther’s teachings among the clergy in educating for the Reformation.  In fact, the Lutherans in Sweden kept the concept of Apostolic Succession by recruiting the bishops into the Evangelical movement.

Side note: apparently many Lutheran pastors in the USA can claim Apostolic Succession due to the former Augustana Lutheran Church’s Swedish roots, including the chain of Swedish bishops sending pastors to the US.  So, at my ordination almost 35 years ago, a participant took me aside and let me know I was in that chain as he had hands laid on him by one of these Augustana/Swedish pastors.  And so in March, I let our former Vicar, Katharina Behrens, know that when she was ordained a pastor in the German church, she had that same Swedish Apostolic Succession touch as I participated in her service!

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